Saturday, September 3, 2011


Hi Ladies, Now you can get the FITFLOPS is in Ladies Bag Online as well

Lately I got Question on where Fit Flop made in, Well, FitFlop is made in China (now got some model made in Vietnam as well, like d Frou, Floretta n some other models)

Here is the information where FitFlop manufactured:


Frou™ Electric Indigo - RM 289.00 - TNA
Color: Purple, Pebble & Black
Size: UK/US/Euro : 4/6/37 ; 5/7/38 ; 6/8/39

Pietra™ Silver - RM 269.00
Size: UK/US/Euro : 6/8/39

Rebel™ - RM 259.00
Color: Mink (sold Out) & Brown
Size: UK/US/Euro : 4/6/37 ; 5/7/38 ; 6/8/39

Hooper™ Buff - RM 249.00 - TNA
Size: UK/US/Euro : 4/6/37 ; 5/7/38 ; 6/8/39

Luna™ Black - RM 249.00
Size: UK/US/Euro : 4/6/37 ; 5/7/38

Electra Strata™ Tiger Eye - RM 229.00
Size: UK/US/Euro : 5/7/38 ; 6/8/39

Electra Strata™ Black Magic - RM 229.00
Size: UK/US/Euro : 5/7/38 ; 6/8/39

NOTE: Price stated excl postage.
Postage for FitFlop add RM 11.00 (WM)/RM 15.00 (EM)

For Sizing Guide:

I normally wear a UK size 4 (US size 6, as in Vincci & Hush Puppies size), but following advice from the website I sized up to a UK size 5 (US size 7) and they fit perfectly.


1. IMPROVES POSTURE - The supple mid-section of a FitFlop mid-sole can recalibrate the wearer's balance, pitching the body correctly to almost instantly improve posture.

2. REDUCES SHOCK - The FitFlop microwobbleboard midsole has a cushioned heel strike area that reduces shock by up to 22%, so you feel less stress and strain on your spine while you're wearing them

3. MINIMIZES BACK STRESS - Recent studies have confirmed that the FitFlop microwobbleboard technology realigns the ground reaction force directly through the center of your pelvic girdle to minimize lower back stress.

4. FIRMS AND TONES - FitFlop sandals have been shown to activate the gluteal muscles more while you walk, promoting a firmer, more toned appearance.

5. WALKING WORKOUT - Wearing FitFlop sandals has been shown to load the hamstring muscles for longer during every single step, delivering a more efficient walking workout that targets an often problematic area.

6. INCREASES TRAINING - The multi-density midsole in a pair of FitFlop sandals activates the calf muscles more, and increases training intensity on hard to reach small muscle groups surrounding the ankle. Because of this effect, FitFlop sandals are often recommended by physiotherapists and osteopaths for injury recovery therapy.

7. REDUCES FOOT PAIN - The FitFlop microwobbleboard midsole reduces pressure 'hot spots' on the bottom of the foot, providing relief from all types of plantar discomfort, including pain from heel spurs and plantar fascistic."

For more information on FlipFlop: